Leadership with Humanity

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Years ago, I took time to reflect on my life and career, examining both my successes and failures. These insights were profound: I learned that success is built upon a foundation of failures. These setbacks don’t define us; they shape us—if we understand the reasons behind them, learn, and adapt. Additionally, I realized that my values and character deeply influence my leadership style – the two exist in a symbiotic relationship. This reflection ignited a desire to consciously shape my identity, both as a person and as a leader.

Ultimately, I extracted the essence of lessons into what I call my Leadership with Humanity reminders. They serve as a constant source of purpose, guiding me toward the person and leader I aspire to be.

1. You are not born a leader; you have to build yourself with experiences and guidance from the right people that surround you.

2. Make Empathy an action not just a nice word to describe yourself.

3. Lead from the back, so you make sure no one is left behind.

4. Share your knowledge so you can learn from others.

5. Ask everyone to imagine the best they can be, then work with them to make it a reality.

6. Do good things, not because it is expected from you, but because is the right thing to do.

7. When you fail, learn, rethink your goal, and try again.

8. When people fail, ask them what they learned, challenge them to rethink their goals, and stand with them when they try again.

9. Don’t ask people to earn your trust, give it all and ask them to trust you.

10. Don’t look for people to further your career, look for people you can help to improve theirs.

11. When you feel alone do not ask for company, but rather find who needs yours.

12. Remember the workplace is a community of people first and workers second.

13. Success is what you accomplish as an individual, but happiness is what you find with others.

I hope these 13 reminders inspire you to find yourself and the leader within.


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